Words & Pictures

Everyone has stories. Here are a few of mine.

Writing & Editing

Whether it is a work of fiction, a documentary script, or a case study for an ad agency's website, in order for audiences to resonate with what you are trying to convey, you must have structure and an emotional connection. I have a few ideas how to help.

Design & Illustration

The storyboards for your video or film, or the book cover design, animations, or illustrations must all speak to you, to your brand, and to the audience you want to reach to get your project noticed. Take a look and see if I can assist.

What does a Western on Mars, a snarky android, and zombie-killing clown have in common?


Rusty Blasters: Tales of the Apocalyptic Future

What else can I tell you?

Here are some tales of pixels, pencils, and prose.

Children To Avoid is a kids' book that is not quite right. Written under the pseudonym of Paddington Frisk, this quirky project is still looking for a nice home with a nice publisher who appreciates the not-quite-nice.

These book cover designs have been published through numerous independent publishers.

User experience design is an important aspect of web and app design. Psychology, sociology, and the urge to make things as simple as possible drive everything digital. Here are some designs.