Book Cover Illustration

The Dame, The Doctor, and the Device

Digital Painting:

David Cranmer, the publisher of Beat To A Pulp Books contacted me after he had seen some of my work for Zelmer Pulp. I was thrilled to be part of this project—time traveling cops, a wicked-smart-and-gorgeous dame, an evil genius scientist, and somewhere in the story are dinosaurs I'm pretty sure. Right up my alley.

After some production sketches of the the main character's guns and props and some layout thumbnails, I pressed some magic buttons in Photoshop, and viola, the cover. Actually, the painting process was quite a challenge. Finding reference images from which to base the characters was key. The hardest thing to convincingly paint is the human hand and face. But after seeing the final product, the creator of the series of stories said, "That's my Rip!"

There's nothing more thrilling than bringing the creator's vision to life. The cover to the second book in the series is in production.

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