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Beyond the Demonstorm: Books of Nether 1

It is three thousand years after demons invaded Earth. Humanity has fought the enemy to a stalemate, but a dark crust of demonic energy is smothering the planet. Soon all life will perish unless a young, untrained monk can channel the elemental power necessary to eliminate the darkness. He may have to destroy the Earth in order to save it.

Book 1 is completed and currently being queried to literary agents. Other books in the series are plotted out.


Bad Mage Rising: 12th House Noir Book One

Oscar Bloom just graduated from occult college, and now he's on the run. He had foiled a rogue band of Chaos Mages from recreating reality, but his counter-spell threw the world into turmoil. As Oscar tries to clear his karmic debt by doing tasks for the Council of Mages, he must protect himself against assassin demons and vengeful sorcerers who have discovered he is the cause of the world's problems. But when a spirit of the Earth demands he investigate the true source of planet's corruption, he's led on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.


Little Agony

The year is 2226. After spending a decade in a work prison on one of Jupiter's Moons, Jon Tarnett returns home to Mars. As he attempts to fit into this new world run by his former enemy, Tarnett is torn between living in peace with a family of smugglers, or joining a group of ruthless killers planning to destroy the system. During a feast that kicks off the month-long storm season holiday on Mars, the smugglers' village is attacked, and Tarnett is forced to choose sides.

This military scifi mixes elements of noir while addressing the psychological stresses of soldiers with PTSD attempting to integrate into life back home. Inspired by The Grapes of Wrath (novel), Firefly (TV series), Outland (film), war journals, and studies in economic theory and social engineering.

The universe of Little Agony is plotted to extend beyond the confines of Mars. Seven short stories have been published connected to this world, including a cyberpunk horror, a military sci fi, three time-travel satires, a space western, and a sci-fi noir short story. In fleshing out the history and structure of the Solar system-wide economy, there emerged fertile ground for many other stories to be told.


World War Dark

The Nazis have unleashed an ancient evil to aid their domination of the globe. The Allies retaliate by recruiting the notorious Aleister Crowley, the brilliant Nikola Tesla, and the wise Edgar Cayce to help combat this darkness from beyond space and time.

This alternative history is a Cthulhu-mythos-inspired horror-adventure with kaiju (giant monsters), Soviet super-soldiers, titanic dieselpunk vehicles and weapons, and occult themes. One-third of the novel is written. The rest is tightly plotted. Pure pulpy fun.


Stormkind (novella and short story series)

It's 1982 on an alternative Earth populated by superheroes competing for media attention. Dan Haeckel is a newly registered hero, and the day he gets his suit from the Cape Shop, he is framed for murder and is forced to join a third-rate hero team to pay off his debts. While struggling to help his team solve who is killing heroes with psychic powers, Dan is being hunted by his best friend who has been re-engineered into an acid-spitting demon. Good thing Dan has a competent PR team.

Inspired by the classics of the genre like 'The Watchmen', 'Return of the Dark Knight', and a lifetime's experience reading comic books, this series explores beyond the obligatory powered battles and delves into the economics, politics, personal neuroses, and self-doubts of superheroes as they struggle for recognition in a world over-saturated with heroes and villains.



After the Moss

In a post- environmental collapse North America of 2218, cybernetically-augmented Chamberlain Henge and his robo-hound are commissioned to covertly document the off-the-grid villagers hiding in the wilderness. When a local militia warlord attacks the villagers, Henge defends them, destroying his status as a census taker, and forcing Henge to flee into the criminal underworld. There, he meets a woman who farms emotions and sells them on the black market. Together they plot a means to escape to the growing colonies of Mars.

This cyberpunk adventure addresses themes of ecology, social engineering, and speculates on how far the emotional manipulations of social media could be commodified.

60K is written. The remainder of the story is tightly plotted.

'After the Moss' is part of a cohesive universe of 'Little Agony' which includes these previously published short stories:



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