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Demonstorm: Fallen Worlds Book One

Inspired by: Lord Of The Rings / Star Wars / world creation myths.

Five thousand years have passed since demons took control of the Earth. Mankind managed to survive with technologies that channelled elemental energies, but the world is doomed. It will cost four men their souls to bring the elements back into balance. Kepf, a powerful exorcist weaves a plot to transform a young monk into a warrior-mystic. Helped by an assassin in symbiotic armor, and a Fire-channeling veteran of the old wars, they plunge deep into demon territory to destroy the source of the infection—a gateway to the Outer Realms and the ancient creature that guards it.

Demonstorm explores metaphysical horror, and themes of morality-versus-brutality in a dark fantasy / speculative fiction for Young Adults.


Little Agony

Inspired by: Grapes Of Wrath / Firefly / war journals

The year is 2226. After spending a decade in a retraining center on one of Jupiter's Moons, Jon Tarnett returns home to Mars. As he attempts to fit into this new world run by his former enemy—an all-controlling, all-knowing system-wide hegemonic government called Seyopont—Jon must decide whether to pursue his status as a good citizen or join the rebel underground. Through Tarnett's journey, he falls in with hardened killers planning to destroy the system, and a family of smugglers who survive in the spaces between extremes, their livelihood being slowly eroded by the system. During a feast that kicks off the month-long Storm Season holiday on Mars, the village is attacked, and Tarnett is forced to choose sides.

This military scifi mixes elements of noir while addressing the psychological stresses of soldiers returning home.


Chaos Moon: Zandr's Cowl

Inspired by: The works of HP Lovecraft / Harry Potter / Steampunk genre

Zandr Vazin is the only student in school who still has to wear a cowl—a resonating device designed to inspire psychic development—and he is teased mercilessly because of it. Zandr's brother was recruited by the New State because of his powerful energy channeling skills, and Zandr's father, fearing losing another son to the fascist regime's warmongering, is suppressing Zandr's skills with the cowl. The device has reached it's maximum suppression ability just as the Chaos Moon is rising. When Zandr discovers his father has been lying to him all along, shed of the cowl, his skills manifest in unexpected ways.



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